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WPF Hero

WPF Hero is a WPF-based clone of the popular rhythm game "Guitar Hero". The main goal of the project is to provide training materials for learning WPF, and show best practices for designer-developer interaction. WPF Hero and the training material is developed by Response, a software development company based in Hungary.

WPF Hero is also the subject of a series of WPF and Silverlight workshops held in Hungary by Response Kft in cooperation with the DPE unit of Microsoft Hungary. The material from the WPF part of the workshop is now available as an offline hands-on tutorial.


See the following release for more details:
WPF Hero Hands-On Lab v1.0

The tutorial files are also present in the source code repository under the following folder:

To show the true potential of WPF we have created a set of xaml files that show a completely different look and feel with no code changes.


You can find the solution for the application above in the source code repository under the folder:

Support website project

The project also has a support website that illustrates ASP.NET 3.5 practices, connection to the WPF game. It is being developed by the Hungarian MSDN Competence Center. The design of the website is created by Arcus Interactive Group, based on Response's design of the WPF Hero game.

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